We recommend neutering of all dogs to reduce health problems later in life and to prevent unwanted puppies.

Spaying of bitches reduces the risk of mammary cancer and removes the potential for pyometra (uterus infection) and ovarian cancer, both of which can be fatal.

Castration of males prevents testicular cancer, and reduces the risk of disease of the prostate gland.

Neutering can help reduce territorial aggression in males, however it is not always effective and we recommend discussing any behavioural issues with one of our vets or nurses.

Male dogs can generally be castrated from six months of age, although in the larger breeds we recommend waiting until they have gained their adult stature.

There is great variety in opinion as to when is best to spay your bitch. The reduction of mammary cancer is only valid if your bitch is spayed before their second season, and is most effective if they are spayed before any seasons. However, if they are spayed too young they can suffer from urinary incontinence when they are older. Therefore, we generally recommend spaying bitches between their first and second season.

Ideally we prefer to spay four months after a season as this reduces the size of the blood vessels, and there is least hormonal activity which reduces the risk of unwanted behavioural changes.

You can book up to a few days in advance by contacting any of our branches. If we haven’t seen your dog recently we will book an admission appointment in the morning with one of the vets to check your dog is healthy and fit to undergo the operation. Your dog will stay with us for the day and we ask you to call us in the afternoon for an update and to find out when they’ll be ready to go home.

If you will struggle to drop your dog off in the morning, we can normally arrange to admit your dog the evening before.

Your dog will be given an anaesthetic during which he/she will be monitored by a trained nurse with a vet always available to help out. Normally both testicles in a male dog are removed from a single incision in front of their scrotum. For bitches the ovaries and uterus are removed via a midline incision.