Here at West Mount Vets we strongly encourage all dog owners to ensure their dogs are vaccinated against certain debilitating or even life threatening diseases.

We are still seeing outbreaks of Kennel Cough and Parvovirus in dogs which are easily passed from dog to dog if they have not had the protection that vaccination provides.

We have also seen Leptospirosis, which is contracted through contaminated water and for which we have a new vaccine which protects your dog against four strains of this potential fatal illness. Leptospirosis can also affect humans, a condition often called ‘Weil’s disease’.

We also routinely protect dogs against Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis although, thankfully, these diseases are very rarely seen thanks to the use of very effective vaccinations.

In certain situations other vaccines are available for dogs – including Rabies, for dogs travelling out of the UK; Herpesvirus, for breeding bitches; and Leishmania – to protect dogs travelling to Mediterranean countries.

We do not vaccinate all dogs against all these diseases every year. We look at what vaccines have been given previously and consider the lifestyle of the dog before selecting the most appropriate protection for your pet, for more information just ask to chat with a vet.

For further reading about pet vaccines and disease you may wish to explore the Future of Vaccination website.