Neutering of rabbits can reduce dominance and aggression in both sexes as well as preventing unwanted kittens. There are also health benefits including the prevention of ovarian cancer and pyometra (uterine infection) in does, and testicular cancer in bucks.

Rabbits can breed from four to five months old so it is important to separate bucks and does early to prevent unwanted kittens. We recommend neutering from four months old.

You can book up to a few days in advance by contacting any of our branches. If we haven’t seen your rabbit recently we will book an admission appointment in the morning. One of the vets can then check your rabbit is healthy and fit to undergo the operation. Your rabbit will stay with us for the day and we ask you to call us in the afternoon for an update and to find out when they’ll be ready to go home.

If you will struggle to drop your rabbit off in the morning, we may be able to arrange to admit your rabbit the evening before.

The risks are greater than in a dog or cat due to their smaller body size, however our nurses are trained in rabbit anaesthetics and the risks are minimal for a healthy rabbit.

Your rabbit will be given an anaesthetic during which he/she will be monitored by a trained nurse with a vet always available to help out. In a buck the testicles are removed from an incision over their scrotum. For does the ovaries and uterus are removed via a midline incision. As they wake up we continue to monitor your rabbit closely and be sure they are eating before discharging.