Waiting area and reception

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome on entering the practice.

We have both qualified and auxiliary staff manning the desk ready to answer any questions should they arise.

We have a large waiting area to accommodate all pets but most importantly it is big enough to fit cats and dogs in the same room but to be far enough apart that they are not stressed waiting to be seen.

X-ray machine and digital developer

At Aspley we have a recently invested in a more powerful X-ray machine.

Add to that the ultrasound machine and there are few procedure we cannot perform to get to a diagnosis at Aspley. Getting the right images and interpreting them properly is paramount to good diagnosis and we have spared no expense in getting this side of our care right.

In-house laboratory

Upstairs we have our onsite laboratory which is essential in an efficient modern caring practice. We can run full blood profiles to look at organ function via biochemistry and full blood count. This also means that every general anaesthetic has the option for up-to-date blood profiles to be done the morning of the procedure to ensure optimum patient health.

In the consulting room, we are able to do blood tests “while the client waits” thus speeding on the diagnosis allowing us to confirm or refute a tentative diagnosis at the time on the consultation.

Op theatre and prep room

We a have separate preparation area to the theatre. This enables the theatre to be kept at optimum cleanliness to create an aseptic environment.

Dirty procedures such as dental scales and venting abscesses are always completed in the prep area. This prevents the risk of cross infection. To enable this division a glass partition is in place so that dirty procedures and sterile procedures are kept separate.

We have been granted Tier 2 status by the RCVS. The rigid inspection gives clients the assurance that not only do we have high standards front of house to the client, but with the “behind the scenes” you can be assured this is completed on a level of excellence too.


We have 10 kennels that can facilitate all kinds of pets from a lovely little kitten to a cuddly St Bernard. The kennels are maintained to an ambient temperature throughout the year. We also are able to add additional heat sources for individual patients should they need this.

Night-time/weekends/public holidays:

If your pet has a condition that needs urgent attention or has been involved in an accident your call will be answered with a message giving the procedure to follow and the number to call. Cases will be seen at our Veterinary Hospital in Halifax, where vets and support-staff are on-site every day and night to care for emergencies and sick animals.

Branch address

145-147 Wakefield Road Aspley Huddersfield HD5 9AN

Opening hours

Monday: 8.30am – 6.30pm
Tuesday: 8.30am – 12.30pm
Wednesday: 8.30am – 6.30pm
Thursday: 8.30am – 12.30pm
 8.30am – 12.30pm
Please call for advice or an appointment time